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Big Data

What Big Data Means to Public Safety

Big Data Defined. Big data refers to the unprecedented amount of data created through an increasingly connected and mobile world, cloud computing, and, above all, the Internet of Things. The volume and velocity of data available today was unthinkable even a few years ago and have overwhelmed traditional data processing and analytical techniques. In response, new databases and analytical tools were created with the capacity to deal with these extremely large data sets.

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Winbourne Consulting NextGen9-1-1 / FirstNet

Preparing PSAPs for NG9-1-1

PSAPs will need to utilize NG9-1-1 subject matter experts to guide them through the enormous amount of technology, legislative and operational changes that will impact their work environment.

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Disaster Planning

Continuity of Operations Planning or “COOP”

The key to COOP is the identification of the Essential Functions (EFs) and planning to ensure that those functions can be continued throughout, or resumed rapidly after, a disruption of normal activities. Since COOP addresses and prioritizes all governmental functions, the plan requires a significant commitment to both develop and maintain.

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