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Winbourne-Consulting-Role of Body-Worn Cameras
Body-Worn Camera

Role of Body-Worn Cameras in Today’s Law Enforcement Environment

When considering all of the factors dealing with body-worn cameras, it is clear that the positive impact far outweighs any negative impacts. This fact, coupled with today’s public perception of police violence and the turbulent environment that the public is experiencing, the need for officers to have access to body-worn cameras is becoming as essential as any other equipment officers require to properly do their job.

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Emergency Services

Coronavirus Impact on 9-1-1

The National 9-1-1 Office has been incorporated into the national COVID-19 Task Force, run by FEMA and is providing valuable input into the impact of this virus on 9-1-1 Centers.

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Winbourne Consulting Defining Z-Axis
Public Safety

Defining the Z Axis for Indoor Location

The availability of more accurate location fixes for 911 calls, which include the Z axis is expected to increase significantly thanks to recent action by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). On November 22, 2019, the FCC adopted rules requiring wireless carriers to deliver 9-1-1 calls with a Z-axis metric that is accurate within three meters (or approximately 10 feet) for 80% of the indoor (wireless) 9-1-1 calls.

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