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CAD-to-CAD Interoperability

​Faster Response Times and Saving Lives

This White Paper is intended for agencies engaged in providing 9-1-1 Dispatch services as part of a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).  It will examine how sharing data and resources can benefit not only the PSAPs and the agencies they serve, but can have a direct correlation to faster response time and saving lives.​


Smart Cities and Next Generation 911

Fostering Collaboration and Sharing of Intelligence 

This White Paper will address the potential benefits for integrating the ongoing Smart City initiatives with implementing a Next Generation 911 solution.


NIBRS Compliance

Are You Ready?

NIBRS is the acronym for the National Incident-Based Reporting System, a detailed, incident-based crime data collection methodology for law enforcement agencies that replaces the current Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program protocol. This White Paper address the steps and timeline for the required conversion to NIBRS.



What is the Safe Cities –

Smart Cities Movement?

Over the past 3-5 years, a term has come to dominate the public safety and technology international market place — this term is referred to as the Safe City concept.  This White Paper looks at the main elements of the Safe City concept, drawing on the experience of many of the world’s large metropolitan areas.


Internet of Things (IoT) and Next Generation 911

How the applications, devices and systems interact with or without human intervention

A new and evolving term is becoming the recipient of much investment and interest—the Internet of Things or IoT.  This White Paper address the devices using Internet-based communications, and how the applications, devices and systems interact our emergency response system. 


Data – Driven Government

The Role of Chief Data Officers 

Winbourne Consulting has signed a partnering agreement with the Boston-based Institute for Excellence in Government, Inc., to provide a variety of big data-related services for our clients.  The attached White Paper focuses on strategy development, management-level training, Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer support, and tailored consulting services.  

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