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Winbourne Consulting Announces Executive Leadership Expansion To Serve Rapidly Growing International Practice
Winbourne Consulting International

Winbourne Consulting, a leader in public safety communications consulting and project management services to international, federal, state and local governments, today announced that Jeff Winbourne, CEO, will transition to President, International Services, and Andrew Reece, President, will lead the company as Winbourne Consulting’s new CEO. Jeff and Andrew have served as the company’s leadership for nearly 20 years. Winbourne Consulting’s increased international business is focused on assisting clients to implement modern integrated emergency communications systems linked directly to a Smart Cities-based infrastructure implementation. The company’s experience with multiple international Smart Cities projects provides valuable experience to its knowledge base on the integration of Smart Cities initiatives and related infrastructure with public safety communications systems.

Winbourne Management – Left to right
Al Kruml, Andrew Reece, Jeff Winbourne

“We have had an extensive partnership with Winbourne Consulting and have witnessed their outstanding results from working with the entire leadership team,” said Muriel Sportelli, Experis IT, Vice President of New York Government. “We are confident that this change will ensure the company’s continued commitment to excellent service to their customers and partners.”

In related leadership moves, Lisa Madden, Vice President of Next Generation 911, will additionally manage business development and emerging markets, while Tom Maureau, Vice President of Public Safety, also assumes responsibility for domestic project execution. These changes will allow Winbourne Consulting to continue to focus on providing the same high level of value-added consulting services for public safety operations, technology systems and management initiatives from which their clients have benefited in the past.

Andrew Reece’s new role will emphasize the continuation of Winbourne Consulting’s service philosophy. “The realignment of our management team allows Winbourne Consulting to not only focus on increasing our international business but establishes a structure to ensure we continue to provide the quality of service that our US-based clients have come to expect from us, ” said Andrew Reece, CEO of Winbourne Consulting.

Winbourne Consulting has over 19 years of corporate experience in providing services to the public safety community. Throughout our history, Winbourne Consulting has served over 600 public safety organizations in the United States, as well as nearly 20 foreign countries on emergency communications and information technology systems and operations. For additional information, call us at (703) 584.5350 or please visit us at

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