9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Winbourne Consulting 9-1-1 Emergency CommunicationsNext Generation 911 Services

Our firm is a leading provider of Next Generation 911 (NG911) consulting and project management services. Our team has supported over 30 states and local jurisdictions on both planning and implementing NG911 solutions.  Our services include design and implementation of Emergency Service IP Networks (ESInets); development of NG911 Call Handling Equipment (CHE) requirements and implementation management; planning and installation of the NENA i3 standard Next Generation 911 core services (NGCS) such as the Location Validation Function (LVF) and Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF).  Our customers include New York City, the State of Connecticut, Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, and Las Vegas, NV.

Communications Center Efficiencies/Consolidations

Our firm has conducted multiple 9-1-1-consolidation feasibility studies since our founding in 2000. Our work includes the consolidation and efficiency studies of PSAPs throughout the US, to include:  Dutchess County and City of Poughkeepsie, NY; Washington, DC; co-location of NYPD and FDNY into a single Pubic Safety Answering Center (PSAC) in New York City; Columbus, Ohio; Summit County (Akron), Ohio; Montgomery County, MD; Massachusetts emergency medical services in northern Massachusetts; Boston, MA; New Haven, CT; and many others.

Hiring, Staffing, and Operations

Our firm has assisted multiple PSAPS with operations and staffing consultant services including: Montgomery County, MD, for a PSAP Consolidation-Staffing and Training Analysis; Washington, DC, for the development of a new Policies and Procedures Manual; and Las Vegas, NV, for a PSAP staffing analysis. We assisted Fairfax County, VA, in developing a new hiring and selection process that reduced the time to hire and improved the quality of the candidates.  We recently completed a staffing and technical assessment for Dakota County Communications, Minnesota. Winbourne completed in-depth operations and staffing analysis for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Citywide Emergency Communications (OCEC) including the 9-1-1 Call Processing Review (911CPR), FDNY EMD Staffing Analysis and analysis to streamline NYPD/FDNY 9-1-1 operations (9-1-1 What vs Where Project).

Financial Analysis Services for 9-1-1 Centers

Our firm has worked with jurisdictions on 9-1-1 funding analyses to review the revenue received from 9-1-1 wireless and wireless surcharges, the expenses paid to the local 9-1-1 service provider, and the underlying legislation that governs this structure.  Our experience with funding models for 9-1-1 services has led to our customers increasing their surcharge revenue, decreasing their ongoing costs, and in some cases, receiving a credit from the 9-1-1 service provider for past errors in billing.  This experience with the overall budget of a 9-1-1 center contributes to our thorough analysis of the cost impact of 9-1-1 center consolidation.

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9-1-1 Emergency Communications

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