Winbourne Consulting Chatbot Solutions

Can Chatbot Solutions Assist Public Safety?

Chatbots are low-cost software applications that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simulate human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. They can mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person with more than 90 percent accuracy.

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Winbourne Consulting Federal Broadband Grant

Preparing for the New Federal Broadband Grants

The benefits of broadband are widely known and generally accepted by all – some of us were making these same arguments over 20 years ago. As a result, you don’t need to spend a lot of time describing the generic benefits of broadband.

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Winbourne Consulting Cyber Security
Cyber Security

Where Does Your Agency Stand When It Comes to Cyber Security?

In a January 22 article in the American City and Article, the current study by SolarWinds showed that cyber security threats are increasing, but the public sector’s ability to detect and deter these threats has not kept pace with the number and increasing sophistication of these threats.

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Winbourne Consulting Covid 19
Public Safety

Dealing With the On-Going Effects of the COVID Pandemic

Everyone thought the COVID pandemic would be a short-term event, but it continues, fortunately, not to the degree that it was during the heart of the pandemic. Our customers, along with the Emergency Communication Centers across the U.S., continue to show how resilient, ardent, and dedicated they are in their efforts to protect their first responders and the citizens they serve.

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Winbourne Consulting Happy New Year 2022
Public Safety

The Public Safety Staffing Crisis

Fire departments across the nation, including full-time, part-time and volunteer agencies, are not able to respond with the required units due to staffing shortages. They are not able to meet National Fire Protection Association Standards, and even with mutual aid assistance they are still often too shorthanded to properly fight a working structure fire.

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Winbourne Consulting 5G Communications

The Emerging Role of CAD-to-CAD Communications

Today, an increasing number of Law Enforcement Departments see the benefits of utilizing CAD-to-CAD to increase their management and situational awareness of major incidents. Emergency Communication Centers (ECC) are also recognizing that the product can streamline processes so telecommunicators can focus on higher priority tasks.

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Winbourne Consulting Bodyworn Camera
Body-Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras – An Overview

A BWC program is much more than purchasing a camera for each officer; it includes updating policies and procedures, changing or improving business practices and workflows, assigning and training system administrators, choosing storage options, defining evidence retention, responding to public records requests, protecting citizens’ privacy, and ensuring court requirements/evidence sharing needs are met.

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Winbourne Consulting Cloud-Based Computing
Cloud-Based Software

Cloud-Based Software Considerations

Unfortunately, most of the public safety applications including CAD, Mobile and RMS were developed prior to the smartphone and multi-media revolution, and they are not designed to interact with social media applications or real-time video feeds.

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Emergency Communications Centers

The Changing Role of 911 Call Takers

With our changing times and requirements, many cities and counties throughout the United States are looking at changing the way they respond to the variety of citizen calls. This change in basic premise looks at tailoring the response to the type of service requested or needed.

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