Washington, DC – The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) applauds the House passage of the Spectrum Innovation Act (H.R. 7624) last night, which establishes a Next Generation 911 (NG911) program at the federal level and provides for up to $10 Billion of funding.

NG911 is critical to the safety and security of our citizens, communities, and country. iCERT thanks members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee for their bipartisan approach to successfully moving this critical bill through the House. We look forward to working with members of the Senate to continue advancing this important legislation, which makes NG911 deployment a national priority, so that all communities across the country have access to these critical life-saving advances in technology.


Technology Master Plan/Strategic Plan – Why It is Necessary

Strategic plans can provide tremendous tangible value to an organization. Do not let the poor design or execution of a strategic plan sway your perspective on the benefits a strategic plan can provide.

Winbourne has received a 98% highly satisfied rating from our clients for the past 16 years

The quality of our client services is measured bi-annually through client satisfaction surveys.  Our firm has maintained a 98% highly satisfied rating from our clients for 12 years.  We also review the performance of our projects on a real-time basis, communicating regularly between senior management and project staff.

Areas of Focus

Winbourne Consulting 9-1-1 Emergency Communications

9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Our firm is one of the leading providers of Next Generation 911 (NG911) consulting and project management services. Our team has supported over 30 states and local jurisdictions on both planning and implementing NG911 solutions.

Winbourne Consulting Public Safety Systems Analysis, Evaluation and Implementation​​

Public Safety Systems

Winbourne Consulting provides needs assessments, vendor compatibility evaluations, RFP requirements, demo scenario development and contract negotiation services to PSAPs across the United States and Internationally.

Winbourne_Consulting Digital Evidence and Body Worn Cameras

Digital Evidence and Body Worn Cameras

Winbourne Consulting has assisted major state and local law-enforcement agencies to define requirements, establish policies and procedures, determine total cost of ownership, and upgrade the local technical and operational infrastructure to support the use of these systems.

Mission Critical Facilities

Winbourne Consulting has considerable experience in the design, construction and operation of Command Centers in support of public safety and other agency mission-critical operations.

Winbourne Consulting Smart City

Smart Cities

Our firm is one of the leading public safety communications systems consulting firms in the world. Winbourne Consulting served as the technology consultant to the Fairfax County, VA M-PSTOC to integrated traffic and public safety systems.


Big Data

Winbourne Consulting assists governments at all levels in leveraging the vast amounts of data available today to drive performance improvements. We provide strategy development, management-level training, Chief Data Officer support and tailored consulting services.

Global Services

Winbourne Consulting is recognized as a worldwide leader, providing consulting and project management services to governments, multilateral development banks, and supporting international foreign aid programs worldwide.  Our services have ranged from designing nation-wide solutions for emergency communications and emergency management to Smart City and e-government infrastructure solutions.  Our goal is to provide each client practical, cost effective, long-term solutions.
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