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Big Data

Helping chief data officers and government managers in building, executing, and maintaining an effective big data program.

Winbourne Consulting assists governments at all levels in leveraging the vast data available today to drive performance improvements. We provide strategy development, management-level training, chief data officer support, and tailored consulting services.

The volume and velocity of data available today to analyze operations and drive service improvements were unthinkable even a few years ago, and the tools used by data analysts are proliferating with low-cost cloud and open-source options. Harnessing and properly leveraging this vast data is a major challenge for managers and agencies. Our big data services are designed to help chief data officers and government managers build, execute, and maintain an effective big data program.

We have partnered with the Institute for Excellence in Government (IEG) to provide these services. The IEG was founded in 2013 to bring objective research and quantitative analysis to government challenges. IEG’s founder, Jane Wiseman, is currently a Senior Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School, where she facilitates a national network of chief data officers. Her recent report, “Data-Driven Government: The Role of Chief Data Officers,” is available here.

Big Data Strategy & Roadmap

We will guide and support you in developing your big data strategy and a roadmap for implementation, including progressing your program through the four-stage capability maturity model. This comprehensive approach is intended for those seeking to create long-lasting organizational change.

Data Literacy for Government Managers

The Data Literacy for Government Managers course equips executives and managers with an understanding of the power of big data to unlock process efficiencies and improve operations. After this training, managers will be able to understand the basics of big data analytics, provide direction to data analysts, and critique the results of data analysis projects. Available in half-day, full-day, and two-day versions.

Tailored Consulting Services

We provide a variety of big data consulting services tailored to your organization’s needs and capabilities. These services include building and supporting a community of practice in your agency, assisting your chief data officer or senior management in optimizing an existing big data program, train-the-trainer, or providing other services as required.

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