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United States Clients

Providing an array of consulting services throughout the United States.

Winbourne Consulting provides a wide array of consulting services to clients throughout the United States. Our customers include both governmental and non-governmental entities including states, municipalities, counties, 911 authorities, airports, transportation authorities and universities. Winbourne clients range in size from small to some of the country’s largest public safety agencies.

United States Clients

Winbourne Consulting Alexandria Virginia
CAD Assessment

Alexandria, Virginia

CAD and Mobile Assessment, Recommendations & Plan for Alexandria-VA’s Emergency Communication Center.

Emergency Communications Centers

Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake VA Constructs State of the Art Public Safety Operations Building.

Winbourne Consulting Elko Nevada
NG911 Core Services

Elko, Nevada

Elko County NV Moved from its Basic 911 System to a NG 911 System.


Hampton Roads, Virginia

Development and Implementation of a Regional CAD-to-CAD Interoperability Project for 5 Agencies with the Hampton Roads Region of VA.

Fire Department Assessment

Harper Woods, Michigan

Harper Woods MI Requests An Assessment Their Current Fire Department.

Winbourne Consulting Irvine California
CAD Mobile RMS

Irvine, California

Comprehensive Assessment, Procurement and Award of a New CAD, Law RMS system for Irvine, CA.

CAD Mobile RMS

Miami Dade, Florida

Miami Dade County Fire Department Reached Out to Winbourne Consulting with the Procurement of a Fire CAD and Regional CAD-to-CAD.

Winbourne Consulting Norfolk Airport Authority Police CAD, Mobile and RMS System
CAD Mobile RMS

Norfolk Airport Police, Virginia

Faced with an End-of-Life CAD, Mobile and RMS System Norfolk Airport Police Reaches Out to Winbourne Consulting for Assistance.

Winbourne Consulting Port of Virginia
CAD Mobile RMS

Port of Virginia

Faced with an End-of-Life RMS System and No CAD System the VA Port Police Reaches Out to Winbourne Consulting for Assistance.

Winbourne Consulting Saco Maine
Consolidation Assessment

Saco, Maine

Technical & Operational Assessment to Determine options for consolidations with Area ECCs.

Winbourne Consulting Altamonte Springs Seminole County Florida
CAD Mobile RMS

Seminole County, Florida

Seminole County Fire Utilized a $1M State of Florida Grant to Implement a New CAD and Mobile System.

Winbourne Consulting Southeast Nebraska NG911 Migration
NG911 Core Services

Southeast Nebraska

Development of a NG911 Migration Strategy for the 17 ECCSs Located in the S.E. Region Of Nebraska.

Winbourne Consulting Hawaii Next Generation 911

State of Hawaii

Plan for transition from Enhanced 911 to a NG911 Services Platform.

Winbourne Consulting Virginia Beach
Operational Assessment

Virginia Beach, Virginia

City of Virginia Beach, VA Conducted an Operational Analysis in Support of ESInet Implementation.

CAD Mobile RMS

Westminster, Colorado

Comprehensive Assessment, Procurement and Award of a New CAD, Mobile and Law RMS system for Westminster, CO.