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Winbourne Consulting NG911

911 Funding Legislation

The FCC has adopted rules under Section 506 of Ray Baum’s Act to ensure that “dispatchable location” information is conveyed with 911 calls so that first responders can more quickly locate the caller.

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Winbourne Consulting Artificial Intelligence

Saving Lives through Revolutionary Technology

AI-powered speech recognition and natural language processing technologies can analyze emergency calls in real-time. By transcribing and extracting essential information, these systems can help call takers identify critical details such as the location, number of shooters, and weapons involved more efficiently.

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Winbourne Consulting Remembering 9-11

Remembering 9/11

We honor the memory of the first responders who bravely risked their lives to save others, the innocent victims who lost their lives, and their families and friends who continue to grieve their loss.

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