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Strategic Planning

Our clients have engaged us to assist them in defining a future vision, documenting their current capabilities, and assessing the gap between them.

Defining this gap and leveraging current capabilities provides the basis for developing a future design that will enable the client to confidently move forward in the implementation process.

Defining the Future Vision

The future design may require several new solutions, including nationwide Next Generation emergency communications systems (NG911/112), national and regional emergency management for Emergency Operations Centers, smart city broadband network and data management, and national emergency medical systems, operations, and facilities. We have also worked on the legal and regulatory requirements for implementing modern emergency communications systems.

We recently provided Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a future Integrated Emergency Communications System (IECS) solution that provided a key element for their smart city initiative.

Understanding your vision and strategy allows us to find solutions that can be leveraged across multiple initiatives, saving money, and reducing implementation and planning time.

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