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Winbourne Consulting Smart CitySmart Cities and the Role of Public Safety

Our firm is one of the leading public safety communications systems consulting firms in the world. Winbourne Consulting served as the technology consultant to the Fairfax County, VA M-PSTOC to integrated traffic and public safety systems.  We are working to link NG911 systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems with Smart Cities initiatives in Vietnam where the solution described above is being implemented.  We have worked on multiple NG911 projects in the US as well as city dashboard projects related to 311 data.  We can leverage that experience to support our clients planning or implementing Smart City projects.

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The Safe City concept has been developed precisely to help government stakeholders, city mayors, and police departments mitigate these challenges.  Leveraging the existence of broadband communications networks Safe City solutions in connecting with Smart City analytic and big data management tools, real-time response procedures and emergency response systems.  These solutions are enabling governments, emergency management agencies, and police departments to better protect their citizens from everything from terrorist attacks to natural disasters.  City governments are looking for new ways to across departmental lines to link public health, fire and rescue, and social services to better serve their citizens.  We are currently actively working with Jakarta, Indonesia and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Safe City-Smart City initiatives.  Many of the lessons learned in these cities have application in the US and other parts of the developed world.

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Smart Cities

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