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Farmington Hills Police Target Controversy.

Winbourne Consulting presents review of the Farmington Hills Police Department’s Target Controversy at city council meeting.

Farmington Hills Police finish phase 1 of legal review following shooting target image controversy

By: Peter Maxwell

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (WXYZ) — The Farmington Hills Police Department has finished its first phase of legal review. This comes after a boy scout troop snapped pictures of the department’s police shooting targets that allegedly depicted black men. The Farmington Hills Police Chief says the pictures of the targets are a mischaracterization.
On Monday night, the firm leading the review presented its findings at a city council meeting. Nearly 1,400 pages of information were turned over by Farmington Hills police.

“There were 15 to 16 state-mandated and approved targets of various photo-realistic individuals in various poses, as well as optional kind of target options that involved whether they’re armed or carrying a cell phone; whether they have a Coke can. And the purpose was—force officers to make split-second decisions,” Tom Maureau of Winbourne Consulting said. “More of those targets were non-threats among all races, all genders, and all kinds of physical characteristics.”

Read the article here: Farmington Hills PD finish phase 1 of legal review amid target image controversy (

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