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Winbourne Consulting successfully completed the implementation of a Body Worn Camera (BWC) Initiative for the Springfield Police Department, Massachusetts (SPD).


Winbourne provided project management and subject matter expertise consulting services for the solicitation development, contract negotiation, implementation, and training for the BWC system for over 500 sworn officers. This included a comprehensive approach to the coordination and administration of a BWC policy, including compliance verification processes and risk mitigation.

SPD operational objective was on ensuring that the implementation of the BWC system refelected operational imperatives, with supporting technology considerations.  Winbourne ensured that the project charter included clear goals and objectives to achieve this outcome.  We developed detailed policies and procedures, practices, expectations, policy improvement and workflow changes.  We also worked with SPD to ensure appropriate project staffing was allocated, as well as identified the anticipated level of effort and workload for the staff involved.  Finally, we ensured that all end-users received appropriate training, and that policy improvement recommendattions were implemented in a timely manner.  We also provided Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement monitoring of the selected vendors implementation of the system to ensure it aligned with the expectations of SPD.  The project was successfully completed in April 2021.

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