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Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake VA Constructs State of the Art Public Safety Operations Building.

Write Up: As technology consultants to Clark Nexson and the City of Chesapeake, VA, Winbourne Consulting provided services for the programming and design of the Chesapeake Public Safety Operations Building (CPSOB). The CPSOB is under design as a 50,000 square foot, $35,000,000 facility that will house the 911 Emergency Communications Center (ECC), the City Emergency Management staff, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the City’s 3-1-1 Call Center (CCC), and the City’s Back-up Network Operations Center (BUNOC).

Our firm worked closely with the City and Clark-Nexsen to develop the programming requirements of the ECC, EOC, CCC, and BUNOC being collocated in the facility. As part of our efforts on the facility technology programming, we also developed an overall cost estimate for technology in the new facility. These costs included new premise telecommunications equipment, Audio-Visual systems, radio equipment, ECC and EOC furniture, wired and wireless network. We also refined the cost estimate after each subsequent phase – Schematics, Design Development and Construction Documents. In addition to supporting the conceptual design for the new building to support future operational growth requirements as well as anticipated technology enhancements/improvements.

Winbourne managed the ECC Migration Plan that included the installation of mission critical systems into the new facility and the testing and integration of those systems.

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