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Assistance to the Gdansk region of Poland—Home of Lech Walesa and Solidarity

Assistance to the Gdansk region of Poland—Home of Lech Walesa and Solidarity

The City of Gdansk, Poland engaged our firm to conduct an analysis for establishing an Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS) and an integrated 112 emergency communications system for the city.  The project included the nearby Baltic seaport of Gdynia.  

Since Gdansk is one of the cities selected to host the European Football Championship in 2012 (EURO 2012), we used this event as our planning horizon.  With the city leaders, we designed the project to support the City’s planning for this major event when thousands of fans would come to watch the matches.  

Using this planning scenario, we prepared a conceptual design that included governance, a concept of operations (CONOPS), conceptual design for a redundant 112 call center linked to an Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  The plan included conceptual designs for networks, systems, facilities, applications, and operations.  Lastly, we proposed financing models that include a number of options to include funding from the European Union’s regional funds and a private sector based funding mechanism that included the support of major international banks.

To exchange the lessons from the project, we held a project briefing for representatives of over 20 cities and regions in coordination with the US Commercial Service and the US Embassy.  Also, in attendance were representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Office of Electronic Communications, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, and the Ukrainian Embassy.

The US Trade & Development Agency funded the project.

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