Assessment & Development of a Next Generation 911 Service Platform

Winbourne Consulting was contracted by the State of Hawaii to develop a statewide NG911 plan which included five tasks: 1. Technical & operational assessment of the current PSAPs and vendors. 2. Workshops to educate stakeholders with regards to what does it mean to move from an Enhanced 911 system to a Next Generation 911 service platform (ESInet). 3. Detailed ESInet design document. 4. Detailed implementation plan and assistance with working with the Hawaii Legislators to obtain support for this project. 5. Final Migration Path Recommendations.

After a year hiatus due to COVID, the Winbourne team was able to visit the Hawaii PSAPs to better understand their current situation and conduct on site workshops to ensure that they key players understood what implementing Next Gen 911 Core Services meant.  Winbourne worked closely with the current telco Hawaiian Telecom and GIS provider Akimeka.  This project is wrapping up and the state is making plans for the second phase.

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