Winbourne and the Springfield Police Department (MA) launched a successful Body Worn Camera program during the height of the pandemic (June 2020)

Winbourne Consulting was contracted to manage Springfield Police Department’s body worn camera (BWC) program, an initiative to ensure transparency and accountability within the department.  

SPD and Winbourne Consulting continued configuration, implementation, and “training to proficiency” of approximately 500 officers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In fact, it is believed to be the only one launched during the pandemic (nationwide) and is one of only a few fully implemented BWC programs in Massachusetts.  

SPD went live with BWCs in June 2020.  According to their official website, a year later they had numerous success stories, to include saving the life of a baby boy and rewarding officers going above and beyond.  Another story shared said the video from two officer involved shootings was used for investigation of the incident and ultimately cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.  To further their plan for transparency and accountability, the Internal Audit Unit flagged a suspicious video which resulted in an investigation against an officer.  It’s not necessarily the news we wish to hear but enforces that accountability.

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