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Elko, Nevada

Elko County NV Moved from its Basic 911 System to a NG 911 System.

Elko County is currently using Basic 911 telecommunications technology in some or all the ECCs. Winbourne presented options to the County Board for transitioning to E-911 or NG911 technology and the associated costs and benefits of each option.

Our analysis will include the current technology used in the County ECCs for compatibility with E-911 and NG911. Also, the availability of physical (wired and wireless) networks to support the transfers of calls and data between the ECCs and to agency first responders. In addition, we will provide a detailed comparison of E-911 and NG911 technologies.

We assisted the Elko County 911 Board with the development of requirements, assistance with vendor selection and contract negotiations with the selected vendor.

Winbourne assisted with the project management of implementation at all three ECC locations.

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