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Harper Woods, Michigan

Harper Woods MI Requests An Assessment Their Current Fire Department.

Winbourne Consulting conducted an analysis of the operational, personnel, facilities and equipment costs and operational advantages and or disadvantages of moving the current fire department services to another department.

The analysis will include a thorough review of current, past, and future base and non-base budget expenditures, proposed capital items, and existing patterns of demand for service, staffing, review of major incidents, and current insurance ratings. Winbourne made a qualitative assessment of trends in demand for service and identify challenges or difficulties in service delivery. We reviewed the mutual aid utilization and provision, with an eye toward sustainability and adequacy. This was used to establish current service levels and the cost to the city, against industry practices and national standards. A critical issue that was addressed was the City’s concern over only operating one engine and that they were unable to attack a structure fire without mutual aid. A final report of recommendations was delivered to the City Council.

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