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Port of Virginia

Faced with an End-of-Life RMS System and No CAD System the VA Port Police Reaches Out to Winbourne Consulting for Assistance.

Winbourne Consulting provided extensive needs assessment and analysis to identify issues and concerns with the current technology systems and infrastructure which included an assessment of current technology equipment, networks, systems, and maintenance operations. Capital plans for new technology infrastructure and systems were identified. The VPAPD had many unique requirements due to federal maritime requirements and their coverage of several separate port locations. These requirements were an important part of the overall focus. The Port did not have a CAD system and part of Winbourne’s responsibility was to educate them on what a CAD system could do for them. A requirements document (RFP) was developed and published. A formal process for reviewing and scoring the response documents was provided along with the review of the proposals. Winbourne oversaw the successful implementation and go-live of the CAD, Mobile and RMS systems which allowed dispatchers, officers, and command staff to perform their jobs in a more efficient and effective manner and increase situational awareness throughout the five the port locations providing better officer safety and protection of the vessels, trucks and civilian staff moving in and out of the port areas.

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