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Since 2000, we have worked with nearly 20 countries outside the United States, to include the governments of Kurdistan/Iraq, Jamaica, Chile, Indonesia, India and In many of these projects, in addition to working for investors, prime contractors, and national governments, we have supported organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations Developmental Programs (UNDP), United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), US Trade & Development Agency (USTDA), and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), as examples.  Some examples of our projects are the following:

Alberta, Canada

Working as a subcontractor to the BH Group, the Wood Buffalo, Alberta Regional Emergency Services (RES), Winbourne Consulting provided technical and operational expertise to assist the RES to modernize the major communications components of the regional Emergency Communications System


Winbourne Consulting designed the National Emergency Network (NEN) system to augment and integrate the existing disaster and emergency response networks.  The defined project area links all 15 regions of the country with the regional Early Warning Communications Centers (Centro Alerta Temprana CAT) and a central CAT located in Santiago, Chile managed by the National Office of Emergencies (Oficina Nacional de Emergencia) or ONEMI.  Project was funded by the US Trade & Development Agency

Gdansk Region of Poland

Developed an implementation roadmap that was based on preparing the city for hosting the Euro 2012 European Football Association championships focused on implementing emergency communications systems and operations, design was implemented

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Provided technical assistance to the city to design and implement an integrated emergency communications system based on a Smart City approach using Next Generation 911 infrastructure solution


In Hyderabad and Gujarat, designed the first integrated emergency communications system in India, systems in implementation stages

Istanbul Turkey

Mobile Network and The Istanbul Smart City project focused on the use of Big Data

Jakarta, Indonesia

Managed multiple projects aimed at supporting the city’s emergency communications systems and public safety master planning


Developed the legislative and regulatory policy recommendations for establishing an enhanced emergency communications system


Designed and prepared the technical specifications for a new 911 emergency communications system for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, system was implemented successfully

Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq

Designed an emergency medical communications system for the Kurdistan Ministry of Health, system was implemented successfully

Republic Of Bulgaria

Contracted to conduct a feasibility analysis for implementing a national Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS) and the 112 Integrated Emergency Communications System (IECS) in Bulgaria, design was implemented

Republic of Panama

Provided public safety technology expertise to Panamian public safety agencies

Republic of Ukraine

Developed a national 112 emergency communications design and implementation strategy combining the national 112vsystem design with specific support to the Ministry for the EURO 2012 football championships that took place in Ukraine, 112 design was successfully implemented in the EURO 2012 host cities

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